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Now Stocking LockStraps

Now Stocking LockStraps

26th Nov 2020


Want to secure your pride and joy boats, motorcycles and bicycles, to ladders and lawn mowers, to caravanners and campers and almost anything else you can think of. Look no further. Lockstraps have a Steel Cable Inside the Entire Length of the Strap and Combination Locking Carabiners. There are MANY uses for Lockstraps, as we say, "a thousand uses and counting!" The Lockstraps are designed to deter the opportunistic thief.

4 Products Available

1. 8.5 Foot Locking Tie Down with 2 Carabiners

2. 24 Foot Universal Locking Strap with 1 Carabiner

3. 2.5 Foot Universal Locking Strap with 1 Carabiner

4. Locking Carabiner