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Goldentyre produces and distributes motorcycle tires, and offers a complete catalog that contains all of its specialty products.


Goldentyre products are designed to meet the needs of all of its customers, from professional racers to enthusiasts. All of these features have been greatly enhanced since 2015, when Marco Caribotti became the new owner of the company and introduced a new business model, while unconditionally investing in research and development.

Caribotti has been a racer and discoverer of young talent for over 20 years, and is the man who developed all of the Goldentyre and X-Products over the years, which revolutionized the concept of tires and mousses. Product development is the result of the close collaboration between the company’s employees with users in their various disciplines. This research, development, and exchange of information allows for Goldentyre products to continually improve, pushing the limits of performance even higher.

Thanks to the strict quality controls carried out both during design and production along with the use of high quality raw materials and the most modern machinery, Goldentyre is currently able to guarantee the highest product quality.

Distribution takes place through a Global Network present in over 40 countries and by a strong business relation with Min distributors in Europe, North America, South America, Australia, South Africa and Asia.

Thanks to its pursuits in racing, in recent years Goldentyre has grown exponentially in off-roading by supporting the most important racers and teams, as well as being the partner of the most important events around the world.